CEPT ライセンス

CEPT ライセンスについて詳しい方から,「JA の CEPT 加盟は噂でもなんでもなくて,WG FM Radio Amateur Forum Group の議事録として公開されているよ.いま問題になっているのは日本の局免許の制度だよ.」と教えていただきました.日本側が短期利用者に対して局免許申請と電波利用料支払いを免除するかが最大の争点のようです.この感じだと東京オリンピックにあわせて実現するかも.楽しみだな〜.

See WGFM#79 meeting (3-7 February 2014, Budapest, Hungary) will consider the RAFG progress report for the year 2013 (doc RAFG(14)01 or FM(14)044).


3.2 Evaluation of the applications of non-CEPT countries

RAFG has evaluated in the RAFG Forum the draft application of Japan to join CEPT Recommendations T/R 61-01 and T/R 61-02. The conclusion of RAFG is the following:

  • RAFG is of the view that Japan could be accepted with its national licence class 1 and, subject to the further RAFG view on the additional clarification from MIC-TB on the difference between the syllabi for class 1 and class 2, with its national class 2 to T/R 61-02 and the RAFG Chairman shall write to MIC-TB (the Japanese regulator) inviting to provide the necessary clarifications and submit an official application for joining T/R 61-02 to CEPT/ECO;
  • RAFG is of the view that, due to the requirement in the current Japanese regulation for CEPT radio amateurs to apply for a separate Station Licence in Japan and to pay the associated fee, Japan could not be accepted to T/R 61-01 at the current stage. However, in order to overcome these difficulties, RAFG requests the RAFG Chairman to suggest MIC-TB to consider implementing administrative provisions that allow the use in accordance with T/R 61-01 during short stays.

WGFM will be invited to endorse the proposal of RAFG to accept Japan with its appropriate national licence classes to CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-02 once the necessary documentation has been received by ECO and finally reviewed by RAFG.


See Recommendation T/R 61-01: CEPT Radio Amateur Licence, Recommendation T/R 61-02: Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate



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